Tobias Groß
Graf-Recke-Str. 84a
40239 Düsseldorf



A photo of me

My name is Tobias Groß. I am a Senior Project Manager focused on Websites and Online-Applications to create effective Online-Marketing-Solutions based in Düsseldorf, Germany. I develope and organise modern and functional digital strategies like Websites, Ads, Online-Campaigns, Social-Media-Strategies and Corporate-Design-Solutions.

I have wide experiences as a Digital-Designer (Screen- and Classic-Media) and as a Tutor for Professional Design Techniques (at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel).

I am a kind of early adaptor and love all things around web, design, photography and typography. I am a huge advocate of standards and functionality.


  • Projectmanagement
    1. Analysing and Strategy
    2. Planning and Calculating
    3. Organisation and Resource-Planning
    4. Controlling and Reporting
  • Interactive
    1. Strategy and Conception
    2. User Interface Design and User Experience Strategy
    3. Grid based Standards
    4. Modern and Functional Design
    5. High Standards of Usabilty and Accessibility
  • Classic
    1. Strategy and Conception
    2. Branding and Brand-Marketing
    3. Corporate-Design, Layout and Typography
    4. Photoretouching
    5. Illustration

My Blog

I run a little Weblog to present some knowledge and webtips relating to themes like Design, Layout, Photography, Typography and Webtrends.

Please read my Blog!

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